Menstruation is a health issue that is experienced by over half of the Canadian population. Menstrual Equity describes the disproportionate amount menstruation affects those who menstruate compared to those who do not, i.e. the added expense for purchasing products, anxiety & side effects surrounding periods and more.  To add to this, studies by Plan Canada found that folks feel their period prevents them from fully participating in social activities and up to 70% say they have missed school or work because of their period (Dube, 2018). We believe it is imperative for all businesses, schools, and public washrooms in general to provide free menstrual products, just like toilet paper. Just in case you were not aware, not just women menstruate; Non-binary and trans folks menstruate as well. 

 What can you do?

  • Start having discussions around menstruation in your networks
  • Collect monetary donations or host menstrual product drives to donate to your local shelters or food banks 
  • Reach out to your local MP/council members in your area to discuss  

For more info on menstrual equity and how to implement at your workplace, school or propose policy changes, please email: 

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