Menstrual Equity 101

Menstruation is a biological process experienced by over half of Canadians. Menstrual Equity can be defined in many ways, but we prefer describing it as the disproportionate amount menstruation affects those who menstruate compared to those who do not, i.e. the affordability, accessibility and education surrounding menstruation. Many folks who menstruate do not have access to products and therefore miss out on opportunities, work and school as a result. 

We believe it is imperative for menstrual products to be provided for free in all public washrooms, just like toilet paper. We believe menstruators should not only have access to product, but the menstrual products of their preference. People menstruate; including women, trans men, gender non-binary and 2Spirit people. Menstrual inequities disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous and people of colour, as well as trans and non-binary individuals and people with disabilities. 


    Join the MOVEMENT:

    • Collect monetary donations or host menstrual product drives to donate to your local shelters or food banks 
    • Reach out to your student council rep, local MPP, MP & council members to discuss initiatives in your community 
    • Discuss with your peers and leadership (if safe to do so) to implement free menstrual products in your workplace 
    • Talk about your health, PERIOD. 


    We offer consulting services:

    •  If your school, organization or local group needs support on menstrual equity initiative implementation (from logistics, to budget to marketing &  more) we can support.  

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