About HFH

Welcome to the Here for Her community! 

I'm Rachel (she/her)- the founder of HFH. I started HFH back in 2017 as a social enterprise focused on health education and empowering others to take control of their health. Having experienced difficult periods my whole life, I was starting to experience more gynae issues and the shame was REAL. I was in the media industry at the time- being my honest self on the radio and tv- yet hiding my health struggles and my tampons on the way to the bathroom. With the support of amazing mentors in London, Ontario and recognizing my own privilege; I pushed back and started speaking openly about my health, and thus the beginning of my health equity advocacy journey.

Working closely with shelters, food banks and other NGOs in the community, it was clear many people who menstruate do not have access to menstrual products (PERIOD) and more often than not, very few pads/tampons were available. Menstruation is a biological process- yet it’s something menstruators and their caretakers are supposed to just “figure out and afford”. So, we started listening and discussing all things HEALTH within the community (typically issues experienced by folks with uteruses) and the activism begun! 

By 2019, London was the first city in Canada to provide free menstrual products in all publicly accessible, city-owned buildings- as well as an implementation by a major school board in the area.

Years later, we’ve evolved a bit; but the mission is the same: Here for Her is a social enterprise focused on heath education (for EVERYone), movement building and grassroots activism. We’ve helped to implement over 5+ municipal policies, as well as at school boards, universities and businesses. Alongside an AMAZING group of advocates across Canada (you know who you are!!) we played an integral part in the Federal rollout of menstrual products happening later this year after the creation of our 2020 petition + ongoing chats with the Minister of Labour at the time; championed by MP Peter Fragiskatos .

We collaborate with communities, local groups, activists and brands to help push policy to advance equality for Canadians. We’re working towards a re-brand (we had to pivot slightly; stay tuned) and offer consulting services for brand building and social justice campaigns, as well as menstrual equity implementation and support.

We'll continue to challenge the status quo, amplify and educate so folks can make informed choices and advocate for themselves and their heath.

Join us- we’re #hereforhealth.  

Rachel holding up the period sweater