On Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

On Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

Pregnancy is STRESSFUL. Now during a pandemic? Not what any of us expected. Baby showers are cancelled, some pre-natal care might be virtual, no in-person hospital tours and online shopping only. Depending where you live, your experience is different and rules/policies are rapidly changing. It can be overwhelming trying to find reliable information on your own. Here are a few resources to help navigate pregnancy with evidence-based info regarding pregnancy/birth and everything in between ⤵️⤵️

- Pandemic #pregnancy guide @pandemicpregnancyguide. This Insta was created by a group of doctors and residents at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. They discuss how your pre-natal care might look different during COVID, common pregnancy test questions, and common pregnancy concerns that might come up. They also host live pre-natal fitness or yoga classes, along with interviews w experts such as lactation consultants and infectious disease experts.

- Partners in Pregnancy (@partnersinpregnancyclinic) is an Insta run by a group of family medicine physicians who practice obstetrics out of Peterborough. On their site they discuss all things pregnancy and COVID, with helpful posts and common q’s new or expecting parents may.

- Bump + Baby Matters (@bumpandbabymatters) is a team of Certified Heart & Stroke/CPR Instructors. Currently they are providing online infant/toddler CPR courses taught LIVE. They are offering courses at a reduced rate due to COVID as well.

- Pelvic Physios are offering virtual consults to help prepare for birth. Some of the places offering virtual services are @vitalphysiotherapyandwellness, & @holistichealthphysio (among many others!). @holistichealthphysio also hosts a podcast called @tobirthandbeyondpodcast with @jessiemundell who is a pre/post-natal fitness expert. On the podcast, Anita and Jessie talk about all things pregnancy, #birth, and #postpartumplus excellent resources on their websites to help prepare.

- Lastly, check out @sogcorg for updated info & helpful Facebook Lives. ➖Of course always consult your healthcare provider for info related to your health & your baby’s health! 

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