On healing and recovering after a break-up

On healing and recovering after a break-up

Breakups: Recovery/Healing from someone who has been through it: 

I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but I did go through a brutal #breakup (more like a life altering type experience) and there were some things that really helped me get through the rough times. I've been curating this post on the side for awhile now, and after receiving many dms about folks going through break-ups right now especially, I thought it was time. It's so important to connect with folks who have been through something similar; so here is what worked for me! Let me be clear- my breakup was SO NECESSARY for my own growth; I’m so grateful it happened (It led to me embracing myself fully again) but it’s really hard to see that at the time! ➖ If I could go back and give myself advice while going through this experience, I would say:

1. Focus on YOU, building yourself back up, your confidence and happiness and NOTHING ELSE- forget about societal dating pressures/expectations
2. Be patient & let go of timelines
3. Be compassionate to yourself- this experience was meant to be but healing is a process and unique to everyone

➖ Here are some resources/tips that helped me to recover/heal:
o Connect with people who have been through something similar
@dana_onair was amazing and I will pass forward the support she showed me 🙏 + support systems (you know who you are ❤️)
o Seek professional help if possible: Therapy, social worker, counsellor, soul coach etc.
o Podcasts: Rob Bell’s “Seasons”, @supersoul, @kaitlynbristowe’s podcast episode w/ @cassadeepopeand @thepapayapodcast episode w/ @nicolebreanne
o Focus on taking gratitude/being present in the small things (from my friend @brooklyn.vienneau) Go to your fave coffee shop and enjoy the latte, take a walk and notice the sun- whatever makes you feel joy
o Journal: I created a gratitude list of 10 things every morning. Don’t repeat anything 🙏 o Meditation: @insighttimer “What is for you will not pass you”

➖ You are not alone and things WILL get better (even though it’s hard to imagine). Please reach out to ppl who have been through a rough breakup/situation- and seek support. It’s so helpful to feel less alone. 

- Rachel Ettinger, Founder, Here for Her #hereforhealth