On Breakups Part One

On Breakups Part One

BREAKUPS SUCK. But then they don’t. Anyone who has been through a breakup (let’s rephrase that... anyone who has REFLECTED on their breakup and is emotionally capable of doing so haha) will tell you that breakups suck, but they are always a blessing in the end. The red flags were always there... you just chose not to see them or as @oprah would say, “People always show you who they are, so believe them THE FIRST TIME”. But we won’t lie, breakups suck and it takes a lot of T I M E to heal, grow, and learn. We’ve made a quick list of things that help us during a breakup (@rachettinger curated this!) Feel free to add more tips in the comments!

- Reach out to your support system & maybe take a lil hiatus from peeps that are connected to your ex

- Don’t engage in drama or gossip- who cares what people say about you- anyone who knows you knows who you are

- Focus on things that bring you happiness: lattes, runs, puppies, etc.

- Journal! Your thoughts, a list of what you want in a partner, manifestations etc.

- Podcasts: SuperSoul Convos “The best relationship advice” & Rob Bell’s “Seasons”

- Read “You Can Heal Your Life” by @louise_hay_affirmations 

- FOCUS ON YOU. Embrace you. Cry, heal, build yourself back up & TAKE YOUR TIME before you let someone else back in. Deal with your shit!! Talk it out (helps to chat with ppl who have been through it). Therapy, counselling  work on you and grow into a new and improved version of you!

- Block their number & socials if necessary to move on! Thank is about you and your health now. #hereforhealth 


Rachel, Founder