So far... 

  • Thousands of dollars and personal care products donated to local shelters and/or nation-wide charities 


Join our menstrual equity advocacy slack channel with Joni HERE

  • Thames Valley District School Board (London, ON), Tampon Tuesday and Virgin Radio London teamed up for a menstrual equity initiative (2019). TVDSB continues to provide menstrual products for free in their high schools! 

Oct 2021: The Government of Ontario has teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart to mandate & provide free menstrual products in all high schools in the province 

  • We are currently on a working group at Wilfrid Laurier University to implement menstrual equity and have been a part of several other initiatives within post-secondary schools 
  • London, ON was the first city in Canada to provide free menstrual products in all publicly accessible, city-owned buildings (Sept, 2019). We have supported several other advocates as well to successfully implement similar initiatives... still lots of work to do!
  • We created a petition asking the Federal Government to follow through with their 2019 menstrual equity efforts (Sept 2020), supported by London MP Peter Fragiskatos  
  • We chatted with the Minister of Labour regarding menstrual equity (Oct 2020)
  • The Fed Gov't wants to hear from you! Fill out this survey HERE 
  • $25 million Menstrual Equity Act + free menstrual products in federally regulated workplaces to be rolled out by the Federal Liberal Party of Canada (Sept 2021). Please help us keep the Gov't accountable for these actions! 

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