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       I've never been so passionate about something before in my LIFE.  Here for Her started for a few reasons. It really started with my mom Sharon ( a nurse) who educated/ helped young women her entire career and was always there to answer my q's (and my friends' questions) in a supportive & non judgemental way when growing up. It was SO COOL. I’ve realized that not everyone grew up that way and it's still (in general) not acceptable to discuss periods, vaginas, and women’s health issues in public. God forbid you hold a tampon in broad daylight on the way to the bathroom. Right? Yup. But there's more...

       I personally had an issue in 2017 with my vagina and it took 2 months of walk-in clinics and improper diagnosis (I didn't have a family doctor so it was a bit of a process) and finally a visit to emerg (my poor sister joined LOL I'll tell that story another time) to figure out what was wrong. I felt embarrassed to discuss what was going on... but why? It was something that was beyond my control! The BEST female gynaecologist even told me that she had seen this before many times! WHO KNEW? 

        It's bullshit. These are natural things that are happening to us & we should be comfortable discussing them! Another thing: finally, at age 26, I was finally committed to achieving self-acceptance. I grew up with body image issues- to the point that I still felt guilty after having nachos & I used to calculate my food intake in my head. This was a daily battle. I refused to pass on this body image distortion to my future children or nieces/nephews, so I continue (it's ongoing) to work on changing my mindset to focusing on eating foods that make me feel good and will benefit my HEALTH long-term. It's not about fitting into that bodysuit for the bar anymore. It's so much more than that. It's such a relief to ACTUALLY accept & love yourself.  So, Here for Her was born on July 25, 2017. Women's health issues are important and REAL. 

        I hope that we can get to a place where our health (both mental and physical) is not something we just admit to our families or besties, but discuss openly & proudly. I hope that with more awareness, education and open discussions, we can reduce the stigma around women’s health and continue to challenge norms in our society. Here for Her starts with women's health but it's about challenging other societal norms and being inclusive of all individuals. You are NOT alone.  


Rachel Ettinger, Founder of Here for Her 


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